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Purtis Creek Lake at Purtis Creek State Park, Texas
Report Date: Tuesday May 17, 2005

Number of Anglers: 2 Number of Fish Caught: 1
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Water Clarity; Clear
Air Temp: 75
Water Temp: 60

My wife and I decided to try Purtis Creek Lake in the am. We had never fished there but they are supposed to have large bass in the lake. Its catch and release for bass. They also have catfish, bluegill and crappie there. There are limits on the catfish has to be 12inches and you can keep 5 a day and the crappie has to be 10 inches and you can keep25.
We got there about 730am and went out on the pier to fish. My wife, was using spincast reels with six ft poles. I was using baitcast reels with a 7ft and a 6ft pole. We were using the bobbers with a brain, leaders with the sinker on the bottom and the hook up from it we were fishing just off the bottom. We were using, night crawlers as bait. We had been there, a couple of hours and not much happening. We had some small bites is all and then my one bobber started getting some action, wham it took off. My adrenaline starting pumping, I was finally getting a fish it put up a good fight and when I got it in was a 2 pound largemouth bass. It was pretty we took pictures and let it go. Well about 5 minutes later my bobber started going crazy again I had something on my line, but not quite the fight as the fish I caught. It was heavier than the fish I caught I thought it was a big catfish, got it to the dock and it was a turtle about a four pounder. Ha I got two pliers and gently removed the hook and took a picture and let him go. We left about an hour after that, we had to be home for something but we are going back and tack some surface lures with us there are a lot of weed beds and we seen plenty of bass jump. We had a good time thou.

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