Brian Chrestensen
Giant Blue Cat
Canada's best!
Smity's Grayling
Big Eater
2 Pounder
The Buoy Line
25 lb. bull red on 10lb. test
One fish
This monster was caught same day!
4 bass caught in less then 30 min
Victim #60
5lb. 7oz. Largemouth Caught 8/1/04
Another Lunker in the Coosa
Brian w/February largemouth
OOH what a view
Stonelick Largemouth
He looks so proud
colorless bass
1+ lb. Largemouth
Tri State Fishing Club
Alan Jones, Tri State Fishing Club
Luke Lake, Alaska
NC Pond Bass 9 lb. 3 ozs.
Canada's best!!
Wildman Leo Palmer
Here Kitty Kitty
Woof....Woof !