Ahh, The good old days!
43lb Amberjack
11.5 largemouth
3 1/2 pounds
Fishing at Stone Arch
Bay of Quinte
Junior Morris
Table Fare
nice bass
Big Al
Axiom Reel
Trees show up nicely when the water level is low. Structure is wonderful!
Smallmouth Bass
Lake Fork Bass
throat hook
Nutha little crappie
Otter Creek, KY.
Lake Trout - Ontario Lake
Booyah Bass
Big Smallmouth Bass
Fresh Water
Minnesota Pike
Behind the cabin
NC Pond Bass 9 lb. 3 ozs.
Black crappie at Sardis Lake
Grand Lake 10/2/05
Chad Bell 8lbs. 12 oz
The real reason i can to Gatlingurg
Donaldsons Bay