forgot the real oars
3 1/2 pounds
Swamp Perch
Storm Lures
14 pounder
Biggest Bass to date
Okeechobee pigs!
Larry's  other red
What a cool HAT
Lake Trout - Ontario Lake
Top of the World
Smelly Jelly Crawfish
Table Fare
Tri State Fishing Club
Steve, Grand River Steelhead
NC Pond Bass
Shamano Calcutta
Docks on shoreline
3 pounder
splitshot's smallie
Spring Largemouth
a huge one
Salt Water
Scott Campbell
Tied for my largest Bass.
the littlest pike in the union
Another Lunker in the Coosa
Future Bass Master
NC Local Lake 9 lb. 8 ozs.
he's a natraul